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11 Unusual Ways to Advertise a Business

    1. Personalized Ice Cream Bars

    Ice cream bars with custom logos or slogans "printed" on the bar itself, not just the label.

    2. Wear a Sandwich Board and Parade Around Your Town or City’s Business District

    It helps if you have little or no inhibitions. A creative or outlandlish message or graphic will attract attention.

    3. Open a Troll Social Media Account and Gain Clients Through Memes

    Beware that trolling doesn't lead to a quiet life.

    4. Pay per View: Place Ads on ATMs and Other Machines That Charge a Fee for Use

    At least you'll be advertising to a demographic that you know has disposable income.

    5. Advertise in the Comment Section of Popular Online Articles

    It could get flagged as spam though.

    6. Reverse Graffiti: Use a Stencil to Remove Dirt From Public Surfaces to Create an Image or Words

    As far as I know, reverse graffiti isn't against the law.

    7. Street Art: Create Eye-Catching Murals or Chalk Drawings on Sidewalks and Streets

    For the people who tend to look at their own feet.

    8. Billboards 2.0: Project Images and Videos Onto Buildings or Other Large Outdoor Surfaces

    9. Hire a Mime: A Mime Can Be Hired to Stand Outside the Business and Attract Attention

    Everyone loves mimes, right? Probably won't work as well if your business is entirely online.

    10. Sponsor an Event: Choose an Event That Would Be Relevant to the Target Market and Offer Sponsorship

    11. Have a Contest: People Love Competitions, so Offer Something That Will Incentivize Them to Visit the Business

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