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10 Useful Concepts to Modern Business Success

10 Useful Concepts to Modern Business Success

    1. Sales is Really Intimate Marketing

    Most people think sales is a convincing game. It can be, but so much easier the less convincing you gotta do. Why not do all the selling before they chat with a salesperson? It becomes easier when they see the salesperson as a trusted advisor, not as someone trying to sell them something.

    2. Marketing is Pre-Selling - Warm Up for Selling

    Marketing encompasses selling. Peter Drucker points out, the more presold a prospect is the less selling is necessary. Why might anyone disagree with this?

    3. Branding is Positioning, This Applies to Both Business & People

    What is positioning? It encompasses the collective attributes for which people think of an entity, first and foremost. That might include personality, logos, media platform, message, utility, etc. It's who or what comes to mind first when a situation needs addressing?

    4. Business Today is More About Personal Relationships

    Before big business was all about pleasing shareholder. Then it went to pleasing the customer. Today, we just want to press 0 to get a damn human to help us. We dig bots to get the work done, but we love interacting with people for more important things like deep meaningful relationships.

    5. A.I. for Work Execution, People for Engagement

    I guess it's just a restatement of the above, but I'll add: No relationship is more important to the human condition than a true valued and trusted friend. It's none transactional, supportive, non forced and requires mutual effort.

    We value these things.

    6. Business is Still About Exchanging Value

    Without money we trade for things we want. Between two people, it's your thing for my thing or your thing for my ability. If it involves more people it's your thing for my thing, but you may not want my thing, however, if I have the skills I can convince you others may want it down the road so why not take this thing and then trade it later for your thing you really want?

    7. Usefulness is Greater than Money

    Most people don't realize that money is simply a placeholder for something real and useful in the world. An exchange for something people want more than what they currently have. Money, by itself is NOT the useful thing. It's a collective fiction imaginary byproduct of the real useful thing.

    8. Motivation is the First Order of Business

    No matter what you're selling, doesn't matter if no one wants it. Find demand, or surface it and you can sell whatever with ease. Most people try create a thing first only to discover nobody wants it. That's backwards. Find the people with wants, needs en masse, then offer to sell them what they're after.

    9. Smaller? Focus on Impact

    If you're a mosquito, you can't do much to resolve a big problem. Better you go find a big bull who's ear you can buzz in, who's nether parts you can annoy to get them to do the big dirty deed for you. Doors need hinges. Giant whales eat shrimp. Stand on the shoulder of giants.

    10. Bigger? Focus on Scaling Impact

    This is just the reverse of the above. McDonald's can serve so many because it has a whole bunch of little burger factories that produce the consistent same output all over the world. Each one a mini impact. Collectively, billions served.

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