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10 valuable things I learned from books

I'll try and get a new book for each idea.

    1. 80/20 Rule - 80/20 Principle

    80 % of work is done by 20 % of staff. 20 %of said work has the same impact as the other 80%.

    Learn to look for the 20% and focus on that. You'll produce better results and free up more time. The rule manafests itself in almost everything.

    2. Persuasion - Win Bigly

    This book was all about how persuasive Trump is and the tricks he uses to be more persuasive.

    Labelling people makes you focus more on that aspect 'lazy Joe' 'crooked Hillary' ect. Whenever you see something remotely related you'll think of the name and as a result see them in a worse light. A more positive version of this is bigging up your friends /yourself. Think of a nickname that makes people see the best of you.

    3. The gap instinct - Factfulness

    I love this book it teaches you how to read data properly.

    The gap instinct is when we forget about the middle and as a result imagine its an us vs them. For example poverty. Most people aren't poor, or super rich they lie somewhere in between (the gap), but how often do you hear that? We hear that it's the evil rich ruining everything or the scrounging poor taking our money. Keep in mind the gap and you'll be much less likely to be fooled by data.

    4. Stories beat facts - Alchemy

    We like to imagine that facts win out over everything but the stories we tell are far more persuasive.

    Why do we spend more on the same tablets? Because we tell ourselves the ones that cost more must be more effective. And due to the placebo effect they are, but not because anything else is better.

    Toothpaste would be cheeper and just as effective if it was tasteless and didn't throth in your mouth. But the story we tell ourselves is mint and throthiness means it's working. Without that we tell ourselves this doesn't work (even though it does).

    This book is fascinating. Highly recommended it.

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