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10 Very American Things

    1. Buc-ee's

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buc-ee's If you've never been, Buc-ee's is a walmart sized gas station/convenience store. It's insane. And interesting.

    2. Mount Rushmore


    3. Donald Trump has a Mount Rushmore replica with his face added


    4. July 4th hot dog eating contest

    5. Football

    Not only is our most popular sport only played in America, we also use the name everyone else uses for our soccer. Also, when our pro football teams win a championship, they are called "World Champions."

    6. We only have two political parties

    And it's almost impossible to win any election unless you are in one of the parties.

    7. You can take out hundreds of thousands of dollars of loans to get a worthless college degree

    Even better, you can't default on the loans. Any other time you are in debt in America, you can declare bankruptcy.

    8. We don't understand the metric system

    We've heard of it. We kind of know that 1 meter is the same length (basically) as a yard. And we know there are races that are 100 meters. We don't understand kilograms or kilometers. We will not be changing anytime soon.

    9. Smile at everyone

    It is very normal to smile at strangers and ask them "how are you?" Whenever I am abroad, this doesn't happen as much. And I often hear foreigners to the US comment on this. We are pretty friendly. Just don't try and argue that another country is better than ours....

    10. Tipping

    Mainly at restaurants. I've found in many other countries, especially the UK, the waiters are not very nice! Or at least, they are not as attentive as the American waiter. Maybe because they are paid better?

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