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10 ways fiction can be good for you

From a serial non-fiction enthusiast

    1. Gets you into flow quicker

    Well-written fiction books are page turners. Great non-fiction books are ones where you have to stop, re-read, analyze, and think about it.

    2. Opens your imagination

    3. Makes you think "what if"

    One of my favourite fiction books: Replay by Ken Grimwood, makes me think "what if I had to re-live my life?"

    4. You can fall asleep without worrying about missing anything

    Try to fall asleep to non-fiction and you'll find that you aren't in a state to learn anything before bed

    5. You can learn from fiction too

    Well-researched fiction books have nuggets of knowledge you can apply to life

    6. There's a great selection of books

    Think of any genre, sub-genre and sub-sub-genre and you'll find it.

    7. You read it once and you will find it hard to forget

    I have to re-read non-fiction books all the time. But the major plots of the fiction books I read I always remember.

    8. Less judgment from others

    I am aware of what non-fiction books I read out in public. I don't have to worry so much with fiction books because they're not known as well.

    9. Easier to find

    Since people like to read and re-read non-fiction books, fiction books can be easier to find in used bookstores

    10. They don't seem as serious

    Compared to non-fiction, they aren't as serious and so there's less of a commitment to get through a fiction book

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