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10 ways for a homeless person to make money

10 ways for someone who has no belonging to earn money on the street.

    1. Be a food tester

    For restaurants, they will pay people to come in and taste their food. They want to make sure that the customers are happy with the food.

    2. Be a car washer

    There are always car washers on 5th Avenue in NYC. They can make $10-20 an hour washing cars.

    3. Handyman/woman

    People who move into new apartments always need help moving their couches and beds. You can charge $100-200 for a couch move or a bed move and make $50-100 an hour.

    4. Selling things on Craigslist

    You can sell anything on Craigslist for at least 50% of what you bought it for (or more if it's really high end). So if you bought something for $100 you should be able to sell it for at least $50 (or more depending on what it is). If you have no possessions, this is a great way to start building up your nest egg by buying low and selling higher than you bought.

    5. Become a day laborer

    Go to construction sites and offer your services as a day laborer. I've seen people making $150-200 a day doing this. It's hard work but there's no shortage of jobs out there and if you're strong enough, you can do this every day of the week (if they'll let you) and make good money.

    6. Selling blood plasma twice a week!

    In most states, twice a week, hospitals will pay $50-$70 per donation (every two weeks) if you are A+ or O+. This is how I made my living when I first moved to NYC as a broke graduate student. The only down side is that it takes about 45 minutes per donation so it's not much money per hour but once or twice a week you can make enough to live off of.

    7. Tutoring!

    People who want their kids to get into selective high schools often hire private tutors for math, english, etc., in order to get their kids into the best schools possible. If someone is willing to pay $500-$1000+ per month ($60-$100 per hour), then this could be lucrative although time consuming since tutoring usually involves going over homework assignments with students while also teaching them whatever they need extra help with (depending on the subject). Again, not much money per hour but if done once or twice weekly can be very profitable although time consuming.

    8. Uber/Lyft driver during busy hours/holidays/etc..

    During holidays like Christmas Eve people will pay more than usual just because they want to avoid traffic jams so they'll spend more than usual getting from point A to point B quickly during those times when traffic would otherwise be horrible even without holiday crowds. During busy hours like after work until 7pm or 8pm , Uber will sometimes offer surge pricing which means higher rates so driving during those times can earn some additional cash compared to other times of the day when rates might not be as high but still higher than normal because everyone wants transportation back home from work instead of waiting for public transportation or driving themselves home in rush hour traffic congestion.. But even during normal hours , driving Uber/Lyft can generate decent income if one has their own car and insurance coverage (which costs about $100-$200 per month). One thing I've noticed is that most Uber drivers seem to use their phones as mini-TVs while waiting around for rides by watching TV shows on Netflix or HBO Go . This gives them something else besides boredom while waiting around for rides since sometimes it takes awhile before getting picked up by customers looking for rides.. And since nobody likes paying taxes
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