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10 + ways I can push myself to be a pro and no longer remain an amateur

I am on vacation in the next week and I know as it's a resort holiday I will have time to work on myself .So I'll work on going pro as written about by Steven Pressfeild

    1. Keep showing up with my daily practice of reading and journaling

    2. Do more excercise Swim and Walk don't just lie on the sun bed

    3. Connect in a more meaningful way with the family on the holiday. Put way the phone engage play games and listen

    4. Focus on my gratitude whilst I am away be grateful for the company I am keeping and remind myself every evening and morning

    5. Reread Steven Pressfeilds War of Art, Do the Work as well as turning Pro

    6. Get up early and work on a nlmicro skill

    7. Make myself uncomfortable by talking to strangers, it's something I don't do. Don't wait for others to make the first move

    8. Write a poem a day it's something I hadn't carried out for five years it will raise my awareness. Being a pro means you have to be alert poetry does this especially when I create and connect with the muse

    9. Don't tow the party line , often on holiday with family I do what the others do for a quite life. This time I will go out on a limb and do things that intrigue me

    10. Previously I be used vacation time to be passive but have instead been anxious . This time I will be a Pro.

    11. Be prepared I will take the materials and resource with me . To carry out the activities I identified above. Spro has his tools to hand

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