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10 ways I like to stay young

    1. Hang around with young people

    A bonus is understanding different trends (tiktok, up and coming social media apps) that you might not be exposed to from 'older' folks

    2. Learn new things

    Being a beginner is humbling and if you're learning, you can keep young

    3. Read books from older people

    As I age, I read more books about philosophy or from people that have since passed away - their lessons and advice are timeless

    4. Act like a kid

    Sometimes, when nobody is around, I like to play on playgrounds just to relive my memories of when I was younger on playgrounds

    5. Hang around kids

    One of my secrets to hanging around kids and not being awkward - acting like a kid around a kid. Copy what they do. If they play with toys, you can play with the same toys. If they're curious about something, explore and be curious.

    6. Exercise

    There's nothing that makes you feel older when you run up a flight of stairs or do some normal activity and feel winded. Keep in shape.

    7. Intermittent fasting

    I don't know if this is true but one acquaintance of mine said that the less you eat, the less you age.

    8. Connect with parents or grandparents

    They're always sharing stories of when I was younger

    9. Relive old memories

    I like looking back through my journals or photos to see what I've done in the past. Reliving those memories helps keep me young.

    10. Be in the moment

    Meditation helps me be aware of how much time I have left and to focus on the moment.

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