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11 ways in which wealth could potentially decrease your quality of life

I'm just guessing here.

And this doesn't imply that one shouldn't try to become wealthy :)

    1. It could become increasingly hard to get excited about things

    The easier it gets to acquire stuff and experiences, the less pleasure you get out of it. Isn't that kind of how it works? Maybe there are tricks to deal with this.

    2. Comfort

    It's fair to assume that the more wealth you acquire, the more comfortable you get. Discomfort (at least occasionally) is necessary for fulfilment.

    3. You don't know whether people genuinely want to be friends with you

    4. Anxiety about losing your money

    5. More stress related to your different income sources

    6. Decrease in empathy

    In his newsletter, Rob Henderson mentions a study showing that rich people who grew up poor are less "tolerant" of poor people (as in, they're more likely to think it's their fault), likely because they think "If I can get out of poverty, they can too". I wouldn't say this is necessarily a lack of empathy (nor am I saying it's wrong), but it's interesting to think about.

    7. Taxes

    8. Hedonic treadmill

    If you're not aware of it or you somehow think it doesn't apply to you because you're so special, I can imagine this actually decreasing your baseline happiness.

    9. Wrong way to measure your life

    You might be inclined to measure your worth according to your wealth (although you don't have to be wealthy for that), which might make you less likely to have deeper insights about your life.

    10. Disconnect with most people

    It's important to feel connected to others and relate with your fellow human beings. I would imagine this is something one should be careful about as one's wealth increases. This probably has more to do with lifestyle than wealth per se (if you're Jeff Bezos and you need bodyguards everywhere you go, it's gonna get a lot harder to relate to your barista).

    11. You don't feel the joys of low prices in cheap countries

    I'm currently in Kazakhstan and it's part of the fun!

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