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10 Ways NotePd Started


    1. First idea List Made

    2. What was the first idea list I made?

    I was really depressed and going broke. I bought 100 waiter's pads and every morning I'd start writing down ideas. I noticed I slowly stopped being depressed and I started being more creative. I realized my "idea muscle" was being exercised and that was stimulating my brain out of depression.

    3. Idea machine!

    I wanted to write a book, "How to Beat Your Friends at Every Game in the Universe". The idea was that for most games there are 2-3 tricks you can use to beat 99% of amateur players. So the first day I made that list and subsequent days I listed the tricks for each game.

    The first list of games:

    - Scrabble
    - Monopoly
    - Poker
    - Checkers
    - Hearts
    - Backgammon
    - Risk
    - Bridge
    - Chess
    - Go
    - Spades
    - Dominos

    4. Starting writing articles about "The Daily Practice".

    After a few months of writing idea lists every day I realized I was an "idea machine". I was coming up with non-stop ideas because I had exercised the idea muscle so much. I started creating idea lists for others and share with them and this resulted in my first writing job and raising money for my hedge fund

    5. People responded.

    To get out of depression and start creating opportunities: every day work on: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual health . mental was "writing 10 ideas a day".

    6. Idea Sex

    So many people wrote me that this was helping them.

    7. I gave a seminar

    I wrote an article abotu how to generate new ideas out of old ideas and this creates real opportunities.

    e.g. Walt Disney combined the Mickey Mouse brand In 1936 when he was about to go bankrupt. That year Disney sold 1,000,000 watches and became the largest watchseller on the planet. It was the first year Disney made a profit and they've been profitable ever since. All because of idea sex.

    8. "Choose Yourself"

    I had people write down their 10 ideas. Then turn to their partner and create idea sex lists by combining lists. Everyone loved it and amazing ideas resulted.

    9. Should you track ideas

    A million people read that book . Maybe more. And people now every day write me to be about how they love this practice of writing down 10 ideas a day.

    10. NotePd

    People asked me how I track ideas. I said I don't. That the point is just to exercise the idea muscle.

    However, I realized it is really important to track them because you might be able to combine them with later lists to create real opportunities for yourself and others. So I decided to spec out:
ideas notepd
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