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10 ways that Commitments are better than Decisions

Commitments can be for simple chores, in addition to significant commitments like a marriage or job.


    1. Commitments are easier to follow than decisions

    2. When you commit to something like picking up the dog poo, it is one less decision to make

    No matter whose yard it is in (including mine) I pick up the poo. I am not wasting mental energy deciding whether this is a "pick up or leave" situation.

    3. When you commit to a chore like emptying the dishwasher, you don’t feel resentful that somebody else didn’t do it

    4. With a commitment to a task, it is easier to get started

    For example, I am going to do a set of dumbbell exercises every day. That is a commitment. So every day, I don’t have to decide whether or not I’m going to do dumbbell exercise. I just have to figure out when and then do it.

    5. Commitments remove choice

    6. Commitments are longer-term promises to yourself

    7. Commitments can become a guiding tenant of your life

    For example, in 2024 I committed to not buying candy anymore. Candy has been a major problem for me. For the last 20 years, I’ve probably eaten 200 pounds of candy every year. By committing not to buy it I don’t have to decide on a daily basis or white knuckle. I don’t buy it. It was also easier to commit to not buying it than never eating it: that will be the next level lol.

    8. You can say "I am a person that does/does not XYZ" as a declaration

    This is much easier than making decisions. For example, "I work out every day." this is much better than "Should I go to the Gym?"

    9. Commitments build confidence, decisions can build anxiety

    10. When you commit to doing a chore every time, like the laundry, you are committing to its completion, not just starting it

    For example, Take clothes out of the dryer and put them away in a single action. Don't drop the basket off in the living room for 6 hours (or 2 days). This saves mental energy and time.

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