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10 ways the world could change

    1. No money

    This is one I ponder a lot. What would the world be like if we didn’t have money? But we still had what we needed to survive and thrive. The world would change. Perhaps we wouldn’t need to work in the same way as we do now. Perhaps there would be scope for very different pursuits and living more in community.

    2. Free energy

    Although there seems to be some dispute about whether Nikola Tesla created free energy (or if it would be viable), imagine if it was possible.

    3. For the people

    A world where people’s needs are prioritised above profit. Where we all have access to the essentials a human being requires to thrive and be well.

    4. Connection

    I also call this Oneness. Understanding that we have more in common than stuff that separates us. If we could understand this, it would be a game changer.

    5. The world belongs to no-one and everyone

    Perhaps if we thought of the planet as belonging to no-one and to us all, disputes about boundaries and land ownership, and wars would cease.

    6. Live seasonally

    I’d love to get back to the kind of seasonal living we had when I was a child. Food was seasonal, not all year round.

    7. Nature

    This follows on from living seasonally. If we lived in greater harmony with nature maybe we would see the world around us differently.

    8. A gentler pace

    Instead of hustle and crushing it, what would our lives be like if we took our time. Smell the coffee and the roses.

    9. Realise our potential

    In my philosophy, we are capable of more than we believe.

    10. Truth telling

    I believe there’s a lot that we don’t know or are not told. Which links to point 9. What if we have abilities that we don’t know about. I really fancy teleportation.

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