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James Altucher


10 Ways to Be a Peak Performer

    1. Avoid the Myth of Talent

    Laszlo Polgar raised three prodigies. But the prodigy is a myth.

    He had three daughters. The Polgar sisters.

    They were world-class chess players. Two became world champions.

    But they weren’t born with talent. Talent is a dangerous myth with the power to decrease motivation.

    The Polgar sisters trained.

    Don’t let the myth of talent trap you

    Become compelling instead.

    2. Avoid the Myth of "Older People Can't Improve"

    Everyone tells me, "At your age you cant' improve."

    They’re wrong.'

    Whenever you start something you start at zero.

    Because you can’t do it… yet.

    3. Have Goals. But only for Today. Each day

    I don’t want to know my future. Predictions are dreams that become worries.
    How do you change your life? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what works for me.

    Practice. Improve 1% a day.
    Practicing something you love takes away the pain.
    And time passes.
    You'll disappoint yourself if you try to have goals for a year from now. Predictions dont' come true.
    But with practice every day, progress will be true.

    4. +, -, =

    Find a coach, find a cohort, find someone to teach (because if you can't explain something simply, then you don't understand it).

    5. Doing > Studying > Thinking

    You can't think your way to success. And studying the masters before you will only go so far. You have to Do. You can't watch tennis to get better (well, a little) but you can play to get better.

    6. But....still study the history of whatever you want to get better at.

    7. Figure out the microskills of what you want to get better at.

    With investing, study value investing, growth, options, arbitrage, etc. All the different styles of investing.

    With chess, you have to know the openings, the middlegame, the endgame, tactics, etc

    8. The 100 Experiment Rule

    Some people need 10,000 hours. But each experiment you do is worth 100 hours.

    An experiment is:
    A) is cheap to do
    B) has little downside and massive upside
    C) fails a lot

    But every experiment you do expands the frontier of your knowledge.

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