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10 Ways to be an Awesome Networker

Everyone loves being pitch slept, right? No! This is why some networking groups are no fun! 

But, here are a few where the people are simply amazing and even though we tend to default to talking about what we do, people are ultimately let make a networking group awesome.

so, here are some things you can do to make it an enjoyable experience.

    1. Don’t pitch slap

    No one wants to hear your pitch. Make it personal and come from a place of making relationships. 

    2. Be INTERESTED in others

    Spend more time asking questions, less time telling and answering questions. Get to know others!

    3. Leave your business cards at home

    Come up with a more exciting way to share your contact info.

    4. Make an intro video to send after the event

    Pitch59 is an awesome app for sending a short video intro and contact info! Sending a personalized video is a great way to reconnect. 

    5. Take selfies with others and share with them

    Rather than exchanging contact info or business cards, take a selfie with the person you just met and ask if you can send it to them. This is more fun, more engaging, more personal, and an easier way to exchange contact info then ask him for someone card or getting someone card to then follow up with.

    6. Smile

    Nobody wants to talk to somebody who's not having a good time. So, be presentable and show up with a smile and positive attitude and people will be more likely to want to talk to you.

    7. Tag team

    Bring a friend and introduce each other to people who you think would be great to meet. 

    8. Ask fun questions

    Someone asked me once, "What's something illegal that you've done?" I thought it was hilarious. 

    He told me he doesn't want to know what I do but who I am. These events are about PEOPLE not Projects. Keep it personal and fun and genuinely get to know people. 

    9. Don’t be afraid

    Just go up and say hello to people. Don't overthink it. You and everyone else are there to connect!

    10. Share something fun

    When someone asks about you, have something fun and personal to share. Don't just jump into your elevator pitch. Honestly, no one wants to hear it!

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