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10 Ways To Be Happier Today

Decided to choose one of the suggestions today. Some people may not even have to think about being happy today, others have to consciously work on it, and some really need help with this.

    1. Think about something that makes you smile

    If there is something that always brings a smile to your face no matter what, do it. Maybe it's a photo of a loved one that is far away, a good friend, a close family member. Maybe you love looking at photos of exotic places or cat pics, or nature in general. Think about experiences you had that were fun. Think about doing something you love.

    2. Think about a time where you were in a bad place and got out of it

    3. Think about what you have now that you didn't have a short time ago

    4. Look around and see all that you have that others wished they did

    Sometimes we get caught up in our own life and surroundings to the point we forget what is really important. Just looking around at all you have, food, clothing, a car or two, your health, your families health, a garage or storage unit full of what you think of as "junk" that many people may find valuable to them.

    5. Make someone else Happy

    Do something kind for a stranger. Pay it Forward in line for coffee or something. Donate items or money to a charity you're passionate about.

    6. Volunteer

    Find a cause or charitable organization you are interested in and find a way to contribute. You meet many interesting people and gives you perspective on how your life may not be as bad as you think. Just giving your time to help an organization does so much for so many and at least for me, it can be addicting and a worthwhile thing to do and you don't have to be uber rich to contribute.

    7. Make being Happy a Priority

    Wake up with Being Happy the first priority of the day. Write it down if that helps, make a sign or post it note you see every morning somewhere. Make sure before you begin the rigors of your day that your mentality is to be happy today.

    8. Break your routine

    Do something out of the ordinary today. What do you do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that is so routine, you don't put any thought into it? Think long and hard then come up with a way to alter that or do something completely different and spontaneous.

    9. Talk to strangers

    You'd be surprised what can happen when you talk to people. You could have fun conversations just walking around the neighborhood, in retail stores, events, waiting in line, even talking to the person who might be taking your order or ringing you up. I try to get people laughing or at least smiling which in turn makes me happy. This is especially effective when you can sense someone is not in a good mood, or appears stressed. I have helped people at retail stores stock shelves, move stuff, even unload pallets of items just to do it.

    10. Talk to children

    Most people know someone in their various social circles that have kids, you may have family that have children. I was just at an extended family birthday party for a 3 year old and of course there were several children from 2-10 at the party. I sat at the kids table. It was fun. I talked to all the kids, one was being very shy I noticed from the time I arrived and was sitting quiet at the table. By the time I got to talking to the the other children, he started to smile and engage and then he was off! He was running around playing and laughing the rest of the time he was there. It is impossible to spend even a little time talking with a child and not smile and feel happy. Sometimes it reminds you of your time as a seemingly carefree kid yourself.

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