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10 Ways To Be More Kind To Yourself

    1. Stop negative self-talk in its tracks.

    By saying, "STOP."

    2. Remember that beating yourself up literally has zero value.

    It will do nothing to better your life.

    3. Do you remember the 14th President of the US?

    No? And yet, a man who was among the world's most powerful in his time is now near-forgotten. On a long enough timeline, everything we do does not matter, so stop fretting.

    4. The most honest, well-meaning people in the world make mistakes.

    So who are you to think you should be perfect all the time?

    5. You're probably beating yourself up over something that not a single person in the world cares about.

    So why should you care?

    6. Your problem exists nowhere in the vast expanse of the universe except in your own head.

    So why let it live there rent-free?

    7. Ask yourself if the thing will matter in five minutes, five days, or five years.

    No? Then why hold on to it so tightly?

    8. Don't brood, laugh at your mistakes.

    Because they are funny! Everything in this world does not have to be so serious.

    9. Tomorrow is going to come no matter what you do.

    So you can spend the time being depressed or you can smile and eat some ice cream and be happy. The choice is yours.

    10. People say life is too short, but it's actually too long.

    We have way too much time to sit and think and consider how much we supposedly screwed up. Maybe we did, so what? Get busy with what's important to you and let all the rest fall away.

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