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10 Ways to be Physically & Mentally Healthier

    1. You're a product of the 5 websites you visit most.

    Resist the temptation to browse websites that aren't helping you move forward towards your goals.

    Block out designated relaxtion time to visit entertaning websites later in the day. Make sure you protect your morning & most cognitively productive times.

    2. Win the battle at the grocery store

    If you bring junk food home, you willn't have the willpower to resist.

    3. Fast from food for 24 hour periods periodically as there are numerous health benefits, & you'll realize your true desire for nurturing food & water.

    4. Find a sport you enjoy & join a group that meets weekly

    5. If Americans ran sprints weekly, it could lower healthcare cost in the US by billions of dollars.

    6. Do you homework on the benefits of breath work, sauna, cold baths....

    7. Find a fitness hero & channel your alter ego of them when exercising.

    8. Buy a reverse osmosis water filter, buy a glass bottle, & refill your own water.

    There are many microscopic, micro-contanments in water that bioaccumulate in you body & have long term health risk such as increased cancer risk, lower IQ in Children, etc.....

    9. Listen to someone hard-core like David Goggins or Jocko Willink & realize all the obstacles are in your head.

    Normal people (just like you) have endured much worse pain, failure, heartbreak, but they gained control of their mind and therefore their future.

    10. Try and eat vegetables raw as much as possible.

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