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10 ways to be successful in affiliate marketing

Most businesses use affiliate marketing and you too can

    1. Know your niche

    Know what you are going to promote. Know why it's a good product. Know who the ideal customer is. Know why this product will solve their problem and be better than the competition.

    2. Have good content on your website

    People need to see that you are an expert in your field, or at least an enthusiast. Have lots of quality content on your site explaining all aspects of what you are promoting. Make it interesting and useful.

    3. Solve problems

    For instance, if you are selling courses on how to learn piano, make sure there is a section on "how to overcome fear" and "how to stick with it". If you are selling courses on how to invest in crypto make sure there's a section about "what if I lose all my money". People want solutions and they want them fast so be able to solve their problems as quickly as possible without making empty promises.

    4. Make an offer they can't refuse

    You can't force people into buying but if you create value for them (i.e., give them free stuff), help them solve their problems (i.e., write articles), then when the time comes for them to buy from you, they will feel obligated because of all the value you have created for them previously (this is called "The Benjamin Franklin Effect").

    For instance, let's say I am selling courses on how to invest in crypto and I publish 10 articles a week giving free advice about specific cryptos that I think have huge upside potential. Then when I finally am ready to sell my course, they feel obligated because they know me, they know my work, they know I won't steer them wrong when it comes to investing in crypto. They feel obligated because of all the value we have created together previously and now it's time for me to get paid back for all that value creation.

    In this way, people won't think twice about buying from me even though there are 100 other sites selling similar products (but not creating as much value). This is why being an affiliate is often more lucrative than starting your own business (which has no history).

    When people buy from you, don't forget about them afterwords! Send regular emails updating them on new products or deals or whatever else might be relevant for them since they bought from you before. Keep creating more value so they remain loyal customers forever!

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