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10 ways to be weirder

I went to the gym today and was listening to the negotiation podcast. It was fantastic! I LOVE WEIRD PEOPLE! I want a shirt made for me. I like people that aren't doing what everyone else is doing. I learn soo much more in such a shorter amout of time. I am a pretty weird person. If you just looked into my mini backpack I bought at 5 below you would see it. A pen that has a fan on it. A travel sized deck of tarot cards, lip smackers dr.pepper flavor, Plenity packets, a ball with a tattoo in it from eating lots of sushi, blue heart shaped sunglasses and a flip crayon.

But I want more of it. I want to be even more different.

I went to Red Robin after working out because I had a gift card and wrote down some ways to do so.

Having gone through this.. I don't think these are weird. They are just things I want to do.

    1. Live off of Gift Cards

    I have been spending a bunch of gift cards these past 2 weeks. It is such a different way to spend money. You are much more thoughtful when spending a gift card I think. You really think out your purchases. This is how I see this going.. $100 gift card for groceries per month. $200 for Gas. $100 per month on a restaurant that I really like. $100 a month at Target. $25 for Starbucks a month only because it's the easiest place to find anywhere.

    If I don't spend it in the month. I can roll it over. Let's see.. that comes to.. 2400 +1200 +1200 +1200 + 300= $6300.

    I honestly think I could do this. I have a lot in savings to pay off my student loans when they start charging interest. I think what I will find is that I will be more concious of what I buy at the grocery store. I will eat it all. I won't waste. I will think more about if I NEED to drive around just because. I will make Coffee instead of buy it. I can switch the places around too. Maybe I am over Target one month. Switch it to something else. I can't think about it right now.

    If I get gifted a gift card.. it's like a special bonus. This makes me want to go out and start this right now!

    2. Walk everywhere within a mile radius

    I did this all the time in South Korea. I didn't have a car. I had no choice. I loved it. I miss it. I can still do it. I think I do this anyways. I walk to CVS, downtown, my new favorite coffee place. I should start walking to the grocery store. Yup. Doing this.

    3. Paint all my canvases and donate to a thrift store

    I have like 10 canvases in my storage. I plan on 1. moving out of here this summer and 2. traveling the world. I am not going to lug those around. I will paint. I don't need them and I am not confident someone will buy them. I will do what I did back 7ish years ago. I will attach an email address to the back of it and if someone wants more.. they can email me and ask me to paint more.

    4. Write 2 pages a day on something weird

    I don't write at all right now. I actually first said 10 but I was like.... lets think this out. I wrote all 10 of these ideas on a napkin. What else could I write on? I plotted out a novel on recipt paper back in 2008 while working as a cashier in the lumber department at Lowes.

    5. Give 10 ideas to someone who is struggling once a week.

    I got such a thrill from writing those 10 ideas to that instagram lady. I like her page. I want to help her if I can. She responded. It felt really good. They weren't totally serious ideas they were more just to lighten up the idea of increasing followers. I don't like to be too serious.

    6. When music is playing in public dance harder

    I say dance harder because I am always dancing to music in public. I am head bopping and shaking it. I think I should dance harder. It will make people laugh. Put a smile on their faces. I don't know how it would get harder but I am up for the challenge.

    7. Only wear one color each day for a week

    Like tomorrow.. I wear pink and only pink all day. I really don't care what people think of me when I am in public. I think this will be easy. I just need to find the pink clothes I will wear. The next day wear all green. I wonder if my perception on picking out clothes for each day will change.

    8. Spend a week each day only focused on one thing

    I get bored reallly easily. Maybe if I spend a day of a week only focused on one thing I will get better at being focused. I know the week I want to do this. Here is my plan:

    Monday: Wikipedia Random Searches- Really get into it. Do the searching. Do the Categorizing. Work on the facebook page so you're comfortable sharing and then share.

    Tuesday: Getting rid of things. I have too much stuff. I have never made a lot of money. Why doI have all of this stuff?? I want to get rid of half of it. I don't need it coming with me anywhere else.

    Wednesday: I did a lot of hard work on Monday and Tuesday.. Wednesday I will binge watch things. Tv, Movies, Whatever. Should I be allowed to play on my phone also?? hmm.

    Thursday: Hang out with friends. Have no time alone. Always be with a friend.

    Friday: Hang out with family. Same.

    Saturday:Be outside. Be in nature.

    Sunday:Read all day.

    9. Join or start a mailing art program

    I want to make more art. I have soo many sharpie markers. I don't want to throw them out but I never use them. I need to start. I want to be involved in a group where we send each other random art every week. It doesn't have to be good it just has to be something. Each week is a different person. Post card sized piece of heavy cardstock. I think it would be sooooooooo fun.

    10. Read the first 10 pages of every book I have.

    If I am not really into it.. get store credit at the used bookstore.

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