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10 Ways to Build Bias-for-Action Mindset in 2023

Bias for Action is one of the leadership principles of one of the most innovative companies in the world, Amazon.

Having a bias-for-action mentality is a competitive advantage. When people dream or get stuck, you do.


    1. Clear but few priorities

    If you have more than 3, you have none.

    2. Transform your todo list into an Action list

    To-Do lists are good. But you can go a step further and turn the todo list into the Next Action List

    3. Minimum Action Needed

    Break down a task into small actions, the smallest action. This list started with a title :)

    4. Decision-making engine

    A bad plan is better than a no plan. Get better at making decisions.

    The more of it you do, the better you get at it. It is a muscle.

    Building good habits can help.

    5. If it is not on your calendar it doesn't exist

    A calendar is part of your 2nd brain system. You can use the inventory later to track activities aligned with your future self.

    6. Reduce distractions

    Distractions give you the illusion that you are doing something or that you are busy. Fewer distractions give you the space to think and create.

    7. Write down your fears

    Inaction usually comes from fear of something ;)

    8. Gain vs. Gap mentality

    Look at the gain and celebrate small wins. When you celebrate the wins that resulted from your actions, your brain gets rewired. You become the guy who does things.

    You get discouraged when you focus too much on the Gap between where you are and where you are supposed to be. Celebrate the wins

    9. Reduce options

    Good for another idea list.

    10. Use constraints

    Time, space, and energy constraints can work for you. No need to use a Russian roulette example :)

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