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10 ways to celebrate a milestone in your life

Maybe you got a promotion. Mabe it's a birthday. Celebrate everything in life. Celebrate life too. Because why not.

    1. Find a last minute concert to go that day.

    The key is to make it memorable and spontaneous. I got a promotion the other day and told myself if I'd get it, I would book tickets to a sold out show and go there. And so I did.

    2. Book a karaoke room.

    And invite your friends. This is a fun birthday celebration!

    3. Play lasertag with your friends!

    Another fun birthday celebration!

    4. Coordinate a trip to climb Mt. Kiliminjaro.

    My buddy is doing that for his 40th birthday! I'm going in like a week. I'm nervous, but what a way to celebrate life (and risk death).

    5. Take a fun trip to Disney World with your friends or family.

    Take the reigns on planning it and invite people you love.

    6. Have a quiet dinner at home.

    Make it memorable though. Cook something you've never cooked before.

    7. Hike to the top of a mountain locally.

    Do it with your friends. Something to commemrate your milestone.

    8. Have a picnic on a beach or park.

    Make sure to bring a balloon.

    9. Watch the stars on a rock with someone you enjoy spending time with.

    And recite gratitude for what you're celebrating.

    10. Have a bonfire on a beach!

    And dance around the bonfire...celebrate!

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