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10 ways to combat human trafficking

I just finished watching a movie with my wife on the lifetime network that dealt with this topic. Like so many movies on that Network, it was sensational and very disturbing but human trafficking is a real problem that I don’t usually think very much about.

    1. Reduce the demand by making laws and punishment, extremely harsh and public, for these types of acts

    2. Utilize artificial intelligence to scan public surveillance tapes and create a stronger surveillance Network to figure out how the trafficking is happening

    State surveillance is not a very popular idea, and it is certainly a two-way sword.

    3. Drugs are used to destabilize the victims. If drugs were legalized, there would not be such an extensive black market access to drugs could potentially be monitored with the same surveillance state issues as above.

    4. Once trafficking networks are established in any illegal activity, they can be used for other things. Combine the law enforcement into a single entity that handles all trafficking to consolidate efforts.

    in the United States, we have the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms. This used to confuse me, but it may be because there’s so much commonality in the criminals that deal with these products.

    5. If everybody had a detectible microchip implanted at birth, some entity could always locate you.

    This is not necessarily a collection of 10. ideas, it is just 10 ideas LOL. I hope, however, many parents would like to microchip their children like pets.

    6. Keep creating movies and documentaries that highlight these problems.

    7. Post about these issues on social media

    8. Donate money to organizations that try to do something about it

    9. Try to reduce the supply by offering help and or a more stable path for vulnerable people that may become victims of human trafficking

    10. This is a devastating problem to people that are affected by it. I should probably do more than I have to try to help.

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