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10 Ways to Come up with Fire Threads You May Not Have Considered


10 Ways to Come up with Fire Threads You May Not Have Considered

    1. Use

    Use it for inspiration (check out challenges), ideation and mind growth experimentation.

    2. Google News

    See what's popular, what's trending and see how you can weave that into whatever you're working on.

    3. Twitter Search

    Search out hashtags, what the Twitter verse is yapping about, thought leaders, latest, etc.

    4. Google Trends

    You can see what's trending RIGHT NOW using Google Trends. What are people actively and intentionally trying to get more info about?

    5. Try a different source

    Refer to a resource you've never considered before. Read a magazine you've never looked at before. Consider books you'd never consider. Check out a different topic you normally wouldn't be interested in. Try NEW to see what you can do.

    6. Youtube Discovery

    With over 51 MILLION channels (not videos... channels), why wouldn't you be able to trip over some new bit of information just browsing what's going on over there?

    7. Curiosity Stream

    It's like Netflix, but for knowledge (not just stories). Oh, and it's also like $20 a year (at the time of this thread post). Insight upon insight. Check it out.

    8. Originals

    Speaking of Netflix (or Hulu or Prime or Disney+...Apple, etc.)... Check out their original produced content for some inspiration. You will LITERALLY NEVER run out of ideas in your lifetime using just this resource here.

    9. Listen Notes

    It's estimated there are 5 million podcasts out there. Podcasts are one of the best ways to turn your commute into learning time. You can find all sorts of shows you may not have known about by using a resource like

    10. Best Sellers Lists

    While best sellers may not always be an indication of what's good, it IS an indication of what's popular. Consider using it to figure out what bandwagon folks are jumping on, but also consider adding your own different "flavor" attribute to own your own niche slice of a topic.

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