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10 ways to develop more resilience in your life

    1. Take a cold shower

    You don't have to shower cold. You can first take a normal shower and then turn down the temperature during your last few minutes.

    2. Say hello to strangers

    Sure your parents told you not to talk to strangers, but a harmless hello doesn't hurt. Bonus if you see these people frequently (neighbours, security guards, secretaries at your office)

    3. Do one more rep than your personal best

    Start tracking your personal bests for different exercises you do. Then do one more the next day.

    4. Tackle your hardest activity first thing in the morning

    Sell yourself the best hour of every day

    5. Ask for feedback from someone you trust

    Don't defend yourself. Don't make excuses. Listen. Ask questions. Say thank you at the end. And that's it.

    6. Meditate

    Start with 5 minutes every day. Then 10 minutes. The more uncomfortable you are in your own thoughts, the better it is for you.

    7. Eat rice and beans for a week

    Tim Ferriss has a practice where he eats rice and beans for a week. He feels what it's like to be dirt poor and to not being able to afford good tasting food. That way, if he makes large bets on something (investments, business, etc.) and loses, he'll know what it feels like. And know that it's not that bad.

    8. Fast

    Or if you can't afford rice and beans even, fast. Fast for uncomfortably long periods of time. Notice what effect it has on your focus and energy. Realize that after the fast, you can control your hunger.

    9. Find someone in your life to forgive.

    You don't need to actually forgive them. Studies show that even if you write an email or a letter and never send it, the act of forgiving them is the same as actually forgiving them.

    10. Every day, find one person on LinkedIn to connect with

    Better if you can find a connection. Find out where the individual is from. Find out what their hobbies are. Find out where they're working. Use LinkedIn messaging, identify the connection you share, and then ask for a coffee.

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