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10 ways to drink more water in your life

    1. Have a filled water bottle on your desk

    One reason we like junk food so much: it's convenient and it satisfies us right away. Make drinking water as easy as possible by putting it by your desk.

    2. Enjoy the taste of water

    I used to be one of those people that didn't enjoy the taste of water. But there's nothing I'd rather taste after a long focus session or a hard workout. When you learn to enjoy the taste of water, you drink it more.

    3. If you don't enjoy the taste of water, add some fruit

    I like adding a lemon or an orange to the water - gives it a nice fruity taste without overpowering the taste of water.

    4. Make it a game

    I'm sure there are drinking games where every time someone says a specific word, you take a shot. What if, during your meetings, you took a swig of water every time someone said 'um' or something specific to your organisation?

    5. Set a reminder

    Every hour, drink something. Or every time you take a break, drink some water. Don't wait until you're thirsty because at that point, your body is dehydrated.

    6. Drink some water after every time you go to the bathroom

    If you're going to get rid of fluids, then you might as well drink to get back those fluids. Or what I like to do is drink water before I run to the bathroom.

    7. Drink water before a meal

    I don't drink a lot of water but I find it helps to get my appetite going and to fill me up so I don't fill as much on food.

    8. Drink fancy water

    Although I enjoy tap water, I also enjoy drinking 'fancy' water: antioxidant water, alkaline water, water with fulvic acid (it's black). Maybe it's all marketing, I'm not sure, but it gets me drinking water.

    9. Drink every time you refill your bottle

    Once you refill your bottle, take a swig of water. It's a good way to take action right away and also a good way to make sure your bottle isn't full

    10. Exercise

    Doing something that makes you sweat is a good way to get more water (well actually it forces you to drink water)

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