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10 ways to earn $100 over a weekend

It's not about the money, it's about the hustle and knowing that you can make money if you needed it.

    1. Sell some things you don't need anymore

    Furniture lying around that you don't use. Books that you picked up a long time ago but never plan on reading. Toys or electronics that you've replaced with newer toys and electronics.

    2. Do a few gigs on Fiver or Upwork

    If you have a job, you have skills that someone pays you for. Why not take those skills and sell them to other customers? You don't even have to use the exact same set of skills - with a bit of creativity, you can leverage those skills into selling something a bit different than what your company pays you for.

    Programming skills can be turned into developing apps or websites for clients

    Selling skills can be turned into writing copy or helping with marketing for other clients

    Consulting skills can be turned into helping organisations develop strategies or creating pitch decks for startups

    3. Driver for Uber or DoorDash

    Okay admittedly, you need a bit of setup for this - you need to apply, go through an interview, have your car inspected, etc. but once you're set-up, you can do it any weekend. Deliver food over a weekend or drive a few customers with your car and you can get a hundred dollars easily.

    4. Babysit

    Sign up on a site or develop a relationship with your neighbours who have families. This is especially good if you like kids and you would rather stay in than go out.

    5. Walk dogs

    Again, there are apps to help you find customers but you can also go around and offer your services to neighbours. Again, bonus if you like dogs. If you can, you might as well walk multiple dogs at once.

    6. Invest $1000 in a stock that returns 10% dividends.

    I mean if you have the money to do it, why not? Make sure you're buying the stock before the ex-dividend date.

    7. Create a newsletter and have premium membership at $50/year

    Then go to all your friends and family and ask them to sign up for the newsletter. You only need two people to sign up for premium to make $100 (and you can potentially make more).

    8. Check the newspapers and find some local garage sales. Find something that interests you and flip it.

    For me, that is rare books (though I'd probably end up keeping it). Or it could be old furniture that people don't want and want to get rid of - maybe you could slap some paint on it and then flip it. You could find toys that people don't need anymore because their kids have grown up and then turn around and sell those toys to families in the neighbourhood.

    9. Go to local businesses. See which of them don't have a website. Offer to build a website for them for $100.

    You only need one customer. And from that one customer, you can scale up to many more once you create a system for building a website for one customer.

    10. Take the knowledge that you already have and sell it.

    It could be anything - it could even be ways to make $100 over a weekend. Create it in a PDF and then sell it on Gumroad. Contact all your friends and family. Post it on Twitter. Sell that 'ebook' for $5 to 20 customers.

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