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10 ways to feel better by Friday

I am slowly feeling less angsty this week. I only cried on the way to school this morning. I haven't cried since. I don't feel the need to and that's good. I cry when there is too much change. I love change. I have a tattoo on my wrist in 12 pt arial font that says "embrace chaos". I welcome it but it doesn't mean that I am not scared of it. How can I make this week better?

    1. Disappear into another place

    I am a Pisces. This is what I do. I just create a magical world to disappear into. I think the easiest place right now is Gilmore Girls land. I just zone out. I play my silly games on my phone and I just watch or listen. I try to distract myself from feeling anxiety. I deal with the anxiety when it's in front of me but I am trying not to let it get to me otherwise.

    2. Be around people that get it

    I was not the only one that got Covid last week. 3 other adults at my school did. They have more responsibility than I do. We are all feeling the post Covid/end of the school year fatigue. They are my mentors I just need to model what they are doing. Everyone at school is feeling it this year. We want to make the end of the year AMAZING! We are tired.

    3. Hour by Hour

    Just go hour by hour. A student of mine today after waking up from nap was crying "I just really want to see my mommy." I said " the great thing is you will see her really soon. Time doesn't stop." It doesn't. It doesn't stop. It's great in moments when you can't handle it anymore. I first realized this when I was working check out at Best Buy after college. It was a LONG 8 hour shift. I was sooo happy that time didn't stop. I will just take each hour as it comes. I know it will be Friday before I know it.

    4. Pray

    WTF? where did that come from. I don't know but my head just kept shouting PRAY PRAY PRAY. Ugh. I think what my head is saying is let it go and give it away. You could say "Jesus take the wheel" but I am not going to. I believe there is something greater than us. I think its more along the lines of natural laws. I just need to give up my anxiety to the universe.

    5. Sleep

    I got home from school today at 4:00. I made a microwave keto meal and laid in bed. I got up at 8pm. When I am tired I will sleep. I slept in the parking lot at lunch today. One of my favorite pieces of advice from Abraham Hicks is " If you can't get to a good feeling place.. just go to sleep".

    6. Focus on the kids

    Today at playtime I could have gotten so much done. I could have gotten all of my end of the year paperwork done. I could have charged the Ipads and packed them up. I could have figured out my professional development. Nope. I just sat and watched the kids play. There is something so innocent in it that makes life seem a little better. My kids are feeling the enormity of the end of this year. They need the support. We can support each other.

    7. Remember to Breathe

    I did a thing. They tested my brainwaves and my breath patterns and how much oxygen I was getting to my brain. They said when I get stressed I stop breathing. I will literally sit and just hold my breath. My brain is not getting the oxygen that I need. I need some sort of device attached to me at all times to remember to breathe. I wish we had were bionic enough to have those.

    8. Drink the water

    I have my backpack of water. It's a source of entertainment for my students and I. I try to drink at least 1 liter by the end of the day. I think I need to go for 1.5 by the end of the day from now on.

    9. Remember the good

    I have been focusing on all the things that are stressing me out. I was filling out forms about the kids for their teachers next year. I realized that in MY opinion they are all average or above average in everything from academics to behavior. These are really great kids. I am handing them over to teachers who can find a problem with anyone but I am 100% satisfied that they accomplished so much and are amazing little people.

    10. Be more me!

    I am awesome. I wear my totally crazy fun clothes to school. I wore an octopus skirt and a neon pink shirt today that says "the moon and her flowers". I do ridiculous things just to make these kids smile. Wear a water backpack. Fly down the hall like a hawk and pretend to eat baby wallabies. It happened at the Detroit Zoo recently. A little morbid but we had fun pretending to be killer hawks today. Play Disney's greatest hits during playtime. Hug everyone all the time. They told me I shouldn't hug the kids Fall 2020. I couldn't. It didn't make sense. My goal tomorrow is to hug every kid for atleast 10 seconds. Game on!

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