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10 Ways to Find a Podcast Co Host

I was trying to think about 10 podcasts I would like to make and I thought of one that I really wanted to do and I couldn't move on.

The Idea: Me and another person discuss 1 biographical documentary a week. We start with the letter A. We each pick our own person to watch a documentary on. I could watch Abigail Adams and they could watch Albert Einstein. The letter A has to either be first letter in first or last name. We sit and talk about it. I don't see this catching on and getting tons of subscribers. I just want to do it for fun and to have an accountability partner for it.

I am not sure if anyone in my life would want to do this with me.

    1. Notepd.com

    If anyone here thinks this is a cool idea or they just want to do this as an experiment with me that would be awesome. It is truly an experiment. I have done this on my own and it's really fun but I want to share it with someone that would think it's just as fun as I do.

    2. Ask on Facebook.

    I am often told by many people in my life that my ideas are crazy and ridiculous. I basically told my therapist at 18 I wanted to choose myself. She said "You can't always do what you want.". I told my current therapist I want a section in my tarot journal where people come up with 10 ideas for something. She said.. well 10 ideas is hard maybe that's pushing it a bit. I suggested to my sister and my mom let's stay at a hostel on our trip. They rolled their eyes.. that is until my sister found a hostel.

    I am terrified to ask on Facebook. I share ideas with my family and friends and I often get disregarded completely or just told with certainty that I am wrong. Maybe one of my friends would have fun with this with me. I don't know. This would be a hard ask for me.

    3. Instagram

    Most of the people from above are not on Instagram. I might find it easier.

    4. Business Bumble

    This actually feels like a safer format. If someone thinks my idea is ridiculous they just swipe left I don't have to hear that my ideas are wrong.

    5. Find a History FB Group and ask

    I belong to a few History focused FB groups and maybe someone in there would do this with me.

    6. Got to History Museum Websites and Find a Cool Curator

    I often talk to random people at museums. It's usually the security guard. I have had discussions with the curator at the Henry Ford Museum because I was afraid to ask Edsel Ford the 2nd "Why are cars so boring looking these days?" I had multiple opportunities to say something other than "Hello and Goodbye" I didn't take them. The curator was really interesting.

    7. Contact some interesting History Authors

    Look at my favorite books and contact the authors. They probably all have podcasts but maybe mine sounds interesting.

    8. Go to History Meet Ups

    I am not totally excited about this one. I thought about different tours I could give in Detroit. I realized I don't like Detroit too much. It's too woke. I think I would have a hard time with giving tours and meeting people who would be interesting in learning about anyone not just the woke people of history.

    9. Quit my 2nd job and travel on the weekends

    I got a 20% raise at my new job. I could quit my 2nd one and travel to historical places and meet people who are interested in history.

    10. Become a History Teacher

    I could get certified as a history teacher and teach High School Students about History. Give students extra credit to make the podcast with me. lol. That would actually be fun.. i am just not thrilled about teaching high school students.

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