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10 Ways to Find Worthwhile Biz Problems (+5 Bonuses)

    1. Ask Google

    It's the closest thing we've got to being psychic. Notice, as you type, it's trying to predict what you're gonna type in there. Often times, some of it's predictions are so outlandishly off that the prediction in itself spawns a new curiosity which then becomes self fulfilling as you investigate THAT new search, lol.

    2. Ask AnswerSocrates

    AnswerThePublic.com and WhatPeopleAsk.net are useful alternatives. I also dig IdeaBot.ai

    3. Ask ChatGPT

    If you've not started playing around with this... why not?

    Even though a lot of what it spits out is creative b.s., it can still be tremendously useful for ideation and kitchen table logic things that make seems like they make sense.

    4. Ask Bing Bot

    It's like ChatGPT with live search capabilities.

    Not sure how Bard compares yet, but still this is cool and useful.

    "Hey Bing Bot, what are the common problems [target market] always asks about?"

    5. Ask Quora

    I feel like Quora is all about the DIY crowd, but still yet... what are folks asking about and how are they solving those issues?

    6. Review Amazon Reviews

    I find there is gold in the 2 and 3 star reviews.

    The bitchin' and moanin', what's missing, would could have been better, this gives insight on what's missing. A cool way to identify gaps and potential markets.

    7. Ask YouTube

    It's a "how to" haven of information. It's MASSIVE and still shows no signs of slowing down.

    You could live 100 lifetimes and not get through all the stuff that's on there.

    Like Amazon, troll the comment section to uncover gold.

    8. Ask Twitter

    Twitter is so underrated. A president ran the country from it and the world's richest Martian bought it. You can probably find useful topics people want answer to over there.

    9. Ask Your Network

    Ask friends, colleagues, peers, thought leaders you're connected to. What are they struggling with? What do they see as common issue patterns that keep coming up?

    10. Ask Your Subconscious

    Sneaky, but this is what some of the "genius" folks have done.

    Take on a problem and then go do something else.

    Let your subconscious figure it out.

    Sleep on it.

    Every creativity teaching I've ever come across has some variant lesson involving this concept.

    11. Ask A DIFFERENT Network

    Go start asking questions in places you're not a native part of.

    Talk to tribes you don't normally follow or engage with.

    Their different perspective could just be the outside new angle you needed to make your breakthrough.

    12. Ask Linkedin

    While it can be stick up the ass stuffy, Linkedin does have some pretty smart folks using it.

    Tons of insights.

    Tons of ideas to tap into.

    Just have to try using it.

    13. Ask a Facebook Group

    If you're not using Facebook groups, I get it...

    Some of them are just lame, but... NOT ALL OF THEM are.

    Some are close knit communities of smartness. You just have to find the right ones and engage.

    14. Ask a Forum

    Like email, forums aren't dead. There are some that I still got to 15 years after figuring out wtf a forum was.

    Some I'd be crushed if they were to vanish.

    Still, lots of big problems solved in these tiny pockets of the online universe.

    15. Ask An Expert

    You can literally find just about anyone and everyone on the internet.

    Do what Tim Ferriss did... find folks that have DONE things and ask their advice.

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