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10 Ways to Get Known on Social Media

I was late to traditional social media, but I spent some time on fringe social media and became fairly well known there. Here's my 10 cents.

    1. Join early

    If you join a social media site in its infancy and be yourself, there is a huge chance that you will be known there as it grows.

    2. Comment, interact, show love

    Everybody has their own ideas and why would they care about yours if you don't care about them? Social media has social in the name for a reason. Be social and people will be social with you. But don't be social for the sake of being social. Just find people with whom you would have talked in real life anyway, and be social with them.

    3. Seek out cool people and amplify them

    This is the best thing about social media, imo. I just love going around on social media and finding cool people, projects, art, and literature and sharing them. But not just share, but write why you find it cool, why other people should admire that stuff as well.

    4. Laugh around

    There is nothing more human than laughter. Laugh with people, laugh at yourself, but never laugh at people, and you will be good.

    5. Know your niche

    Everybody has a niche. If I know a lot about electrical engineering, that's one of my niches. I am a painter, and that's my niche anywhere. But I am also a political writer, and people who do politics tend to follow me around. Share what you know and what you want to know.

    6. Learn publicly

    I love learning publicly and sharing what I have been learning. Find people who are learning what you are learning and motivate each other. Do stuff and share it.

    7. Be consistent

    When I decide to do something, I always try to do it at least for a week every day, and then I decide the frequency with which I want to continue it. Sometimes I just stop doing it after a week, sometimes I do it for a month, sometimes I do it for years. But you won't understand if you enjoy something or not if you don't do it every day for a while.

    8. Never be fake

    Don't do anything to be popular. All of us have great bullshit radar now. If you are not yourself, then you are most likely a copy of a naturally successful person. I'd rather go and follow the original. Be yourself, because that's the only person you can be.

    9. Be vulnerable

    As humans, we admire success, but we don't connect with it. We connect with vulnerability. Never censor yourself. Be vulnerable. People will love you more for showing where it hurts. And you will be a better person.

    10. Ditch the ego

    Never take yourself or anybody else too seriously. We are all just trying to get by, have fun, and hopefully make a mark on this world. Just do your thing, and try not to hurt anybody else in the process.

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