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10 ways to get more opportunities at work

I've been advised to "seize as many opportunities as possible" in the workplace by friends and connections. This advice makes sense to me, but in the past I've struggled with the "how". In the first place, it hasn't always been easy for me to recognize opportunities when they've come my way. Plus, sometimes I haven't known where to look to find more opportunities. Here are some ideas for how I can take advantage of more opportunities.

Disclaimer: some people disagree with the idea of doing more than is required, especially without being explicitly compensated for it. I think going above and beyond pays dividends in the long-run, so I'm willing to forsake some comfort in the short-term. My goal is to expand my connections, strengthen my experience, and increase the potential for serendipity by having my hand in many buckets.

    1. Always say "yes," and be the first to volunteer when people are looking for support.

    2. Ask for more to do- from your manager, your team, and your colleagues more widely.

    3. Have coffee chats with people on other teams and see what they're working on. See if they need a hand.

    4. Look for a mentor in your workplace. Ask for his/her advice on how to do well and where to spend your extra time.

    5. Develop a reputation as someone who delivers, so that people actively seek you out when they're having trouble.

    6. Have tool-specific skills? See if you can apply them to your work and if there's room to change things up.

    7. Conversely, want to learn how to use a particular tool? Connect with technical teams and start developing a skill.

    8. Does your workplace have multiple offices? Find a reason to visit them for work, or stop by while you're vacationing nearby.

    9. Find your company on LinkedIn and start looking through the "people" section. See if you have a niche skill or hobby in common with any of your colleagues (e.g. maybe you both speak a particular language) and send them a message about it.

    10. Familiarize yourself with your company's products from beginning to end, and convey that knowledge by asking pertinent questions, leaving constructive feedback, and sharing your thoughts. Hopefully, this will help you get noticed.

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