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10 Ways To Get My Neighbors Dog To Stop Barking...

...without killing it?

    1. Anonymously buy and mail them a nice dog shock collar lol.

    2. Offer to pay for a dog whisperer.

    Or just pay for it then (when they're at work) have dog whisperer go in backyard and work his magic.

    3. Find or Invent High Power Anti-Bark Dog Whistle

    When dog starts barking, I start whistling that thing and the high pitch frequency makes her stop.

    4. File a complaint with the HOA.

    This is really lame. But it's an idea. And "technically" it is in the HOA that you can't have a loud dog in the neighborhood. Still lame though.

    5. Research this exact problem and try everything.

    I've never actually researched this and seen what others have done about it.

    6. Go over and ask them if they can close the window.

    They go to work and leave front window shades open. Dog sits there and barks at anyone walking by. Close shade and decrease barking by 70%...possibly.

    7. Create a "anti-barking" dog food brand lol

    Create an entire dog food brand for the sole purpose of shutting this nice (but loud) dog up. Maybe it has small doses of melatonin in it that makes dog tired. Or it has some other ingredient that makes them not want to bark.

    8. Create "anti-barking" promotional flyers

    Anonymously create "anti-barking" marketing flyers and drop them in the mailbox. Educate them on the problems of dog barking, what to do about it, how it makes you neighbors not like you lol -- maybe this will spur them to take action.

    9. Pray and ask god for a miracle

    10. Buy them or persuade them to get another dog.

    Maybe another dog would give it a friend and it wouldn't sit in front of the window all day. Or it could double the barking...it's worth the risk.

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