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10 Ways to Get Out of a Slump

Had one recently. Usually get seasonal depression. This is my path.

    1. Give Yourself Time

    Notice how you feel. Tell yourself, "I've been here before, I will get out of this." It's ok to feel down. Try not to drag others with you. You can be down for a few days or a week, but don't let it drag on too long or it will become a habit.

    2. Be around Friends and Family

    Tell them how you are feeling and that you need a little time. Not too long. Sometimes you don't want them to pump you up. But, as you get closer to being ready to emerge from your slump, a pep talk might be the final kick to get going.

    3. Sleep

    But not too much. Get into a routine. Try and pop out of bed. Or at least only hit snooze 6 times, not 16.

    4. Eat Well

    Or not at all. Poor food keeps me sluggish. Fasting can be helpful.

    5. Don't drink

    As it becomes time to get out of your slump, stop drinking. It will not help you when you are ready to get going. Drink water/tea/coffee.

    6. Find some momentum

    "I wrote in my journal." "Went to the gym today." "Took a shower today." Anything that gives you some hope. Then build on it the next day. Like NotePD, get on a streak. Objects in motion, stay in motion.

    7. Pump Yourself Up

    Watch Al Pacino in Any Given Sunday. He has a famous speech where he says he's not perfect, made all the mistakes, but now is the time to get going. If you can't do it yourself, get a friend or family member. Or pay someone on fiverr to send you a video.

    8. Get some inspiration

    Listen to that song that gets you going. Or that movie. Until you are ready to be a positive member of society again.

    9. Don't spend too much time on technology

    Use it for good (music, movies, staying in touch with good people, inspirational works), not evil (social media, depressing or polarizing news).

    10. Set a Goal

    Make it easy to attain. (Go to the gym 2 days in a row. Just arrive there). Call my Mother. Walk down the street. Write in my journal 3 days in a row. Something you definitely can do. Use that momentum and keep achieving.

    11. Do Something Nice For Others

    This is when I know I'm good to go. When I'm ready to put others before myself, even if for a moment. It means I'm content. Make someone else's day. It will make you feel like a million bucks and leap frog you into the future.
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