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10 ways to give a guitar with a polyurethane finish a "relic'd" or vintage appearance


    1. Wear and tear: Use sandpaper, steel wool or a wire brush to simulate wear and tear on the body and neck of the guitar.

    2. Aging: Apply a vinegar or tea solution to the surface of the guitar to simulate aging and discoloration.

    3. Check marks: Simulate checking or cracks by lightly scoring the surface with a razor blade or other sharp tool.

    4. Chips: Use sandpaper or a razor blade to create small chips on the edges of the body or headstock.

    5. Scratches: Scratch the surface of the guitar with a metal file or sandpaper to simulate scratches.

    6. Dings: Use a hammer and nail to create small dings and dents on the body or headstock.

    7. Faux rust: Use a rust accelerator spray to create a faux rust effect on metal parts such as the tuning pegs and bridge.

    8. Hardware aging: Use a brass brush or steel wool to dull or age the finish on the hardware.

    9. Strap marks: Simulate the wear from a guitar strap by sanding the finish on the upper bout and near the strap button.

    10. Aged pickguard: Use sandpaper or a razor blade to create wear and tear on the pickguard.

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