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10 ways to improve Starbucks

    1. Add table-specific chargers and USB ports so people can charge their devices at any table

    2. Have cables that can be lent out to help charge devices

    3. Provide store-specific discounts for those in the cafe

    Perhaps after they've been connected for an hour or two, give them a 10% discount for the purchase of a meal or another drink

    4. Networking hour

    Lots of professionals are having coffees at Starbucks - have a way where these professionals can connect with people outside of their network

    5. Private events

    Hold private events outside of Starbucks hours - you can even operate the drive through at the same time as a way to 'extend' the hours of Starbucks - all you need is a way to setup a whiteboard or projector

    6. Have an upsell option "all you can drink coffee"

    For 3x the price of a regular coffee, you can get all you can drink coffee for when you're around for several hours

    7. Discounts on food not eaten

    Food that's prepared fresh doesn't stay fresh for a long time - provide discounts at the end of the day to get rid of any inventory

    8. Partner with Spotify

    For music played in the stores, people can sign up for the Spotify list and purchase songs they like that they hear at the store

    9. Have attached headphones / earbuds for people to listen to music

    Like how airplanes - you can select different channels and select listening to music, focus music, background noise or podcasts

    10. Have extremely comfortable chairs

    Wooden chairs are nice and easy to clean, but not great for sitting around - maybe that's the purpose though

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