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10 Ways to improve the workplace

How could your workplace be improved? 

    1. No meetings

    2. No email after 6pm

    3. No phones at the table

    4. No work email on weekends

    5. No work after 6pm (see #2)

    6. Each employee gets $10,000 a year to spend on improving their workplace

    7. The 4-day week (see next list)

    8. A 2 hour lunch break every day. And don't answer your phone. Or check your emails.

    See "The Distracted Mind" by Andrew Huberman for why this is important.

    The key is to reset the brain and allow new connections to form in order to learn new things or think creatively. |
    A = Activity (working) and D = Deep thought (creativity). They are mutually exclusive but both require energy so we need to rest in order for the brain to recharge and do both of those things . | A + D = B which stands for "brain". So if you want to improve your workplace, let people take long lunches where they can have deep thoughts without being distracted by work or phones or emails or texts or whatever else might be out there in the world competing for our attention when we should be having creative thoughts instead. See also, "Man's Search For Meaning" by Victor Frankl on how important it is for us humans to have meaning in our lives and creativity gives us that meaning.

    9. The 3-Day Weekend (see next list) This was mentioned by Tim Ferris as a test he did with his employees at one of his companies

    He said productivity went up 20%
    I've heard from several people who have done this with their companies and they say the same thing happens


    10. The 3-Day Weekend

    here's how it works if you want to try it : On Friday at 5 pm, everyone goes home until Monday morning at 8 am
    During that time, no work related activity takes place
    no checking email , no working on projects , etc
    You're not allowed even to think about work during that time off
    When you come back Monday morning , you start fresh and see what you've learned during the weekend and what ideas you might have had while away from work
    I've never tried this but I'm going to try it soon since I'm always complaining about all these distractions from real life during the week
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