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10 Ways to Improve the Workplace


    This is where I disagree with @BillBergeman. Email is a medium that can be searched and retraced as to what was requested, specified, required etc. It's asynchronous - I can read and send on my schedule.

    2. Ban Phones

    Or highly restrict their use. Phone calls demand that both parties be available at the same time. When a voice call is scheduled like a meeting it's fine, but when your phone rings and the other party asks if it's a good time (if they bother to do so at all), you're unlikely to say no. You're likely to allow your workflow to be interrupted and your productivity to be derailed.

    3. Natural Light

    More windows, or even finding ways to introduce fresh air (maybe shaded/heated patios?). We need to combat seasonal affective disorder and the dreariness of fluorescent lights.

    4. Greenery

    Make the indoors feel as natural as possible.

    5. Free Coffee - Unlimited Coffee

    I don't want to have to manage caffeine like a limited resource. Let it flow like a spring.

    6. Cubicles?

    Yes, no one has wished to work in a cubicle farm but I found the open concept workspace to be noisier and more intrusive.

    7. Office/Desk Rotation

    This one could be tricky. I've heard of offices that 'hotel' the desks. No one is permanently at a given desk. I think if they were rotated in some fashion, everyone could have a turn with a corner office (for example) or a cubicle or whatever. Desks could never get too cluttered because your next move is around the corner. A change of scenery could do some good. It might also disrupt silos that form in the office.

    8. Accessibility for Disabilities

    More than just ramps and elevators. What can be done to increase employment among those with sensory or intellectual disabilities?

    9. Showers

    For those that commute by bike (or other self-propelled locomotion) or want to exercise on a lunch break.

    10. Prayer/Meditation Room

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