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10 Ways to improve the workplace


10 Ways to improve the workplace

    1. Spring loaded deviders

    We spend a lot of time moving items forward, so the store looks nice and tidy. This could be easily avoided if we push the items into a spring loaded devider that slowly pushes items forward as the front one is taken. I can't understand why this isn't already standard practice. 

    2. Training to dispose of cardboard

    Cardboard cages are scarce, so we should make the most out of each one. This is done by flatting boxes before you dispose of them. Far too many people dispose of still in shape boxes that end up taking up more space. Again an obvious problem that should have already been solved. 

    3. Music

    Having the same Playlist is fine for customers, but it drives staff nuts. Get a radio show in the background. Keeps staff happy and customers will love it too. What if the show had compositions. Making customers slow down in order to concentrate. Keep then shopping for longer. 

    4. Chat lane

    Some people like to talk to the cashier,others don't. Having a dedicated chat lane will allow those who want to slow down and talk to do that without bothering anyone else. 

    5. Dating

    Pair people up based on their shopping habits. I don't know how well this would work, but I think it's worth trying. 

    6. Please stock

    An app that allows customers to suggest new stock. This allows you to build up a base before ever investing in new stock. 

    7. Manage yourself

    Look at back and see if there is delevery.

    look at ayles for gaps. 

    It's not hard, you don't need managers (for the most part) telling you what to do. 

    8. Rave store

    Dark apart from neon lights. Rave music and smoke. Unique shopping experience.

    More fun should be put into the shopping experience. Far too zombie like at the moment. 

    9. Kids Library

    I remember I would grab comics and read them as my parents shopped. What if there was a section for kids to do this safely?  Parents could pay a small fee to leave them there. Or it could be free and serve as a usp to bring people to the store. 

    10. Bullet train /trolley

    Have a magnetic path around the store. Have trolleys (karts) with magnets on the bottom. You now have futuristic floating trolleys. This fails when it comes to taking it to your car, but it also stops people leaving them lying outside.

    Is the science behind this right? It makes sense in my head. 

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