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10 ways to improve your life

    1. Walk faster

    It'll get you to places faster and it's also a nice boost in exercise

    2. Look for the things you use every day and upgrade them

    For example, I just upgraded my kitchen faucet (a standard one) to a pulldown one and wonder why I didn't do it earlier.

    3. Get a super comfortable bed, pillow and sheets

    You spend almost a third of your life in bed, might as well make it super comfortable.

    4. Have sleepwear

    It's a nice way to prime yourself into getting ready for bed. Put on pajamas, sleep. Just like when you go to work, you put on work clothes.

    5. Get a nice monitor, keyboard and mouse

    If you spend most of your time at a desk, get a nice comfy chair too.

    6. Drink amazing water

    I love alkaline water - not sure why but it makes me feel much better

    7. Burn candles (safely)

    Did you know the smell of apples is supposed to increase productivity?

    8. When you end work, stop working.

    Turn off emails and notifications. Don't log back in at night. Don't think about work. Try to disconnect yourself from work completely.

    9. Get a beautiful journal

    Would you rather write in a high school notebook or a beautiful journal that you love writing in?

    10. Improve the air quality

    Replace your air filters and get something to clean the air.

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