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10 Ways to Increase (THE RIGHT) Engagement on Social for Business Peeps

Business owners, tell me if you disagree with this...

Posting on social media often feels like an epic fart on a toilet in a public restroom.

Might've felt good to let it out, you suspect someone might have heard it, but everyone does their darndest to ignore it. Or worse. They toss wet t.p. at you and troll you in the comments.

Nobody wants to hang out with you while you're on the toilet and they certainly don't wanna hear your fart.

Instead, here are 10 ways how to do social better.

10 Ways to Increase (THE RIGHT) Engagement on Social for Business Peeps

    1. Make sure your profile is inviting to your IDEAL prospect

    Answer these questions:

    • Who do you want to attract engagement from?

    Business people kicking butt on social usually do a good job of calling out their ideal target followers.

    • Why are you valuable to them?

    Answer this question in your description.

    • How can you show it?

    Demonstrate it somehow / someway in many ways, over and over again.

    Communicate useful things.

    2. Perfect Time For Direct Messages (DM's)

    • When they send YOU a connection / follow request (say something like "Hey, thanks for following me. Looks like you do [blank]? Curious, what about my profile made you want to connect?")
    • Work your way into the DM's only AFTER conversations in public (if it makes sense).
    • When you've request they comment to get something from you in private (manage their expectations).
    • To point out an issue (Hey the link you posted isn't working)

    When else might be a good time for a dm? Let us know, below.

    3. Figure Out the Pattern Working Elsewhere

    Use that same strategy somewhere else.

    Example: Twitter threads are a thing that folks seem to like. Why not try that format on Facebook? (It's working for me).

    4. Ask the Bots for Advice

    Be specific.

    Tell the bots what you're thinking about doing, who you're thinking about doing it for and ask them what they might advise you do.

    5. Broadcast Value But Ask For Engagement

    On social, even though it gets kind of echo-chamber-y, we're still all looking for some sign of connection.

    Traditionally, that happens through conversation. On social it's conversation in the comments (unless they're miserable).

    6. Invite Them Into Another Part Of Your World

    On my profile I tease a post I think is valuable inside my group. People join.

    In my group, I ask for dm's for those that want or need help. People dm me.

    Soon, I'll add some more algorithm breaking stuff (and for those that want to see how I do it... stick with me).

    7. Use Native Analytics

    Most people don't realize a lot of these social tools give you analytic capabilities.

    Even if you didn't get a reaction you can still see if (and how many) engagements took place.

    What's getting eyeballs?

    What's getting reactions?

    Do more of that.

    8. Narrate What You're Doing

    This is a little tough to explain, but people need context about what you're posting and why.

    It's the meta reasoning behind your doing.

    You can be more mysterious if you don't explain, but that takes practice to do it in a way that's seductive.

    9. Show Them You Understand Them

    How do you show people you understand?

    Share a common vulnerability you've also experienced (and how you overcame it... very important).

    Most people think their issues that they're ashamed of are unique to them. They're not.

    10. Bacon Wrapped Posts

    Never be boring.

    Sprinkle on some humor, a dash of education, and lots and lots of curiosity and high emotional arousal.

    Stories combine all the above well.

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