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10 ways to instill learning in your home and kids

The goal of education is beyond the walls of a classroom.

It’s important for us all to prioritize learning, education and growth for ourselves and our future generations.

I wish parents could be more proactive about their kids learning, education and personal growth.

    1. Reward learning

    Create a reward system for your kids - whatever habit we reward we see more of it.

    Even in their academic studies – let them know why you value learning over grades.

    It'll improve their self-esteem and help them get more confident in their pursuits.

    2. Encourage Questions

    Asking questions is a great way for children to learn and engage with challenges in life.

    Encourage your child to ask questions and help them find answers.

    3. Encourage writing, journaling and brainstorming ideas

    This is the key anyone knowing themselves more and sparking their creativity.

    4. Make it Fun!

    The other day, a Mother on a podcast ironically was complaining of her kids never "read for fun." Meanwhile she wouldn't allow them read some particular novels they were interested in because she thinks its a waste of time.

    Learning should be a fun and enjoyable experience for children.

    Try incorporating some fun e.g. games and activities into your child's learning to keep them engaged.

    5. Create Routines

    A set daily routine will help children know what to expect each day and what is expected of them.

    This will help them feel secure and build good learning habits.

    Form good habits and make them your master - Brian Tracy

    6. Limit how many hours you and your kids watch TV

    Funny enough – but some homes have no limit on how many hours kids spend on TV.

    If you don’t place a limit then they’ll find it hard to set better priorities.

    7. Create a Learning Environment

    Make your home Environment learning appealing.

    Reading tables and any structures you set in place to make reading and all forms of learning effortless.

    Utilize apps and devices like Kindle which support learning as a habit.

    8. Lead by example

    If your kids have never seen you read for fun – how do you think they’ll take your words on learning?

    Many times we remember to get new outfits, new gadgets but how much do we invest into our education:

    Learn to invest in Books and courses as a routine habit.

    9. Encourage Experimentation and taking action

    What are their interests? What they do want to try out?

    Encouraging your child to be an active participant in their learning through things like discussion and hands-on activities.

    If you encourage your kids to start taking risk while they’re young – they easier they can hit something big and wortwhile from a young age.

    10. Why skills matter?

    Kids should know why skills matter.

    Each skill they gather under their belt gives them an edge over others.

    Let your kids pick one or two High-income skills and start getting good at it.

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