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10 Ways to keep up writing 10 ideas a day

Not sure what's going on in the picture here.

10 Ways to keep up writing 10 ideas a day

    1. When you poop, don't get out of the toilet until you've completed your list

    2. Hire someone to point a gun at you until you've completed it

    3. Use Stickk

    I heard about it from Tim Ferriss years ago. I still haven't tried it. Even though it sounds like the perfect way to stick to your goals! Has anybody tried it?

    4. Get someone to slap you if needed

    I heard about someone hiring someone to slap them every time they use social media (hey NotePD doesn't count!).

    5. Chastity cage

    Wear a chastity cage and have someone keep the key, maybe use one of those with a timer that unlocks after the set amount of time (I just know this from a friend and also I'm a pervert). In any case you'll need someone to check if you've written your list. If you haven't, you enter chastity for a week.

    6. Fast until you've completed your list

    7. No water until it's done

    This one is more hardcore. Might not be advisable.

    8. Have someone force you to wear a sumo suit outside if you don't do it

    Very inconvenient.

    9. Have someone force you to say "I love you" to someone you really don't wanna say it to

    10. No coffee until it's done

    or if you don't drink coffee, replace with an equivalent.

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