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10 ways to keep your streak even when you could fail

    1. Just write titles

    I caught a tummy bug a couple of days ago. I had chills and aches. But I wanted to keep my streak. So, I wrote three titles and posted. I went back the day after to add a bit more content but I kept my streak.

    2. Have some lists in draft

    This would be the ideal and I need to get to this point. Then, if I'm busy or sick, I can still post.

    3. Keep it simple

    My top 10 favourite songs/music was a keep it simple list. I looked at our wedding playlist where I'd saved some of my favourite tracks. I like the way they appear in the list with a player.

    4. I did something similar with my watch later YouTube videos

    5. Ask a friend

    Sometimes I'll ask my husband for a new idea for a list.

    6. Branch off someone else's list

    Often I'll see someone else's list and it will spark ideas of my own.

    7. Join a challenge

    These are great for finding new ideas and I like being part of a challenge.

    8. Use real life

    My list about Bamber and engaging with Guide Dogs was based on some experiences we had while we were out and about.

    9. Write it down

    Make a list of possible lists. Always have something in your back pocket.

    10. Repurpose an old list with a new angle

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