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10 ways to kick-start your mind after feeling the atrophy

New year, new you. And all of that jazz. Sometimes you're tired. Sometimes you feel like you're on top of the world. How can you create more ease in your life? How can you harness your creativity? Whatever it is, start small; don't beat yourself up and don't feel sorry for yourself. Just do it :).

    1. Create an idea list. That's why you're here.

    This could be a simple way to kick-start the new year in a productive way.

    2. Find a new book to read.

    It doesn't have to be a 5000 page super novel or non-fiction anything; it could just be something simple.

    3. Learn a new knot.

    Learning a new knot will stimulate your brain, your physical muscle memory, and enchance the things going on in your life.

    4. Learn a new musical note on an instrument.

    Could be a guitar chord.

    5. Create a morning routine you enjoy.

    Sometimes getting up can feel like a drag. Is there something you love doing every morning that would help you spring out of bed?

    6. One new chapter in a textbook.

    Not for nothing, but for something you want to learn..maybe you're studying to be a scuba diver, advanced climber, a pilot, a comedian, performer, or author...who excels at this and who can you learn from? Can you read one new chapter a day? A week?

    7. Try to harness focus.

    The world is built on distraction these days. Can you create space for yourself to meditate for 10 minutes a day this year?

    8. Learn a new game or skill.

    Chess, rock climbing - something that involves your mind, physical self or both.

    9. Start creating to help and be of service.

    When you create, do it from a place of service if possible.

    10. Find ease.

    If you don 't improve yourself by 1% today or even this year, you're not a failure. You can always start again any day of the week. Don't get in your own way.

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