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10 ways to leverage Ken Coleman's proximity principle

If you want your dream job or opportunity, you have to get close - but how?

    1. Find people in your network doing your dream job or in your dream industry

    2. Approach and ask weak ties for opportunities - find people in your network that know other people close to your dream job

    3. Move places

    If you are looking to get into tech, you may want to move closer to Silicon Valley to get closer to the action

    4. Find a place to practice

    If you're looking to be a programmer, find places where you can practice and improve your skills - this might be a job, education or online courses

    5. Find a place to grow

    You may not be in the right place or in the right job, but you can find ways to grow into the right place / right job.

    6. Find teachers

    Teachers / mentors don't necessarily need to be in your field or dream job

    7. Find peers

    You are the average of the five people you hang around the most - hang around with people you want to be like

    8. Look to build skills

    If you want to be a writer but don't work as a writer, you can always find opportunities to write in other places. Write online (Medium). Volunteer at your church to write their newsletter. Write privately (journal).

    9. Prepare

    Find out what your dream job entails. What skills? Experiences? Certifications? Education? does the position need? Find ways to build your resume.

    10. Give back

    Help others get into their dream jobs

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