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10 Ways to Lose Weight

At various times I've dieted either for health, as part of an exercise regimen, or just simply to lose weight. Like most people find, things work for awhile and then don't work but I have had results with all of these and sometimes I've been healthier than others.

    1. The Airbnb Diet!

    When I was just living in Airbnbs for about three years, I did this inadvertently. Since I never cooked I always ordered food or ate out.

    When you order food from a restaurant it's hard to order cookies or potato chips so I actually end up eating healthier as long as i don't do this three meals a day.

    2. The Jesus Diet

    A friend of mine called it this. But it's basically a mediterannean diet. Fish, rice, etc. In the book, "Blue Zones", Dan Buettner (who has also discussed it on my podcast), shows that this diet has led to long life spans. Nothing scientific but the areas where people ate this diet tended to have high quality of life even over the age of 100.

    3. No White At Night

    What it says. Basically, eat whatever during the day but keto at night.

    4. My home-made diet

    I did this for awhile. It basically was:

    - one item for breakfast (doesn't matter what. Could be a bagel, a croissant, etc but can't be pancakes because there's more than one.

    - anything for lunch

    - keto for dinner.

    5. My Covid Diet

    When the lockdowns started I knew that I would not be moving a lot so I basically enforced:

    - coffee in the morning

    - dinner at night, usually sushi.

    And that's it.

    6. Keto

    I did this for awhile and it basically worked. I was trying to get abs! That part didn't happen but I was strictly keto for awhile and you lose weight.

    7. Count calories

    Basically, eat less than 1800 calories a day and only eat either meat, vegetagles, fruit and maybe a small amount of carbs.

    8. That's basically all the diets I've ever done.

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