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10 Ways to Lose Weight

This is one of big questions of life isn't it? In theory pretty straight forward, energy expenditure > energy intake = weight loss. Yet it's one of the biggest struggles of our generation.

Here are some low, practical ways to increase the odds on your weight loss journey!

    1. Drink water

    Drink a big glass of water before each meal, and wait 10 minutes before eating. This will fill out your stomach a little and more importantly make sure that you are hydrated before eating. Hunger is often mixed with being thirsty, without you knowing it.

    2. Walk places

    Let the car stay at home and walk to nearby locations you usually drive to. This will greatly increase your daily step count and you might actually enjoy some fresh air.

    3. Let the alcohol go!

    No more going out every friday and saturday drinking all night, and binge eating the following day will not be a bad idea if you want to lose weight.

    4. Exercise

    This one is obvious, and for good reason. Exercise helps to burn calories and keep you fit in general.

    5. Check in!

    This can be anyone! Your significant other, a family member, co-worker you name it! Just get one, or a few people in your life to regularly check in how you are doing on your journey. This will held you accountable to them, and yourself.

    6. Cook your own food

    I know it's easy and temping to just get that ready to go sandwich, or a few cheeseburgers. The problem is, even if you made the same food at home, you would save a ton of calories (=weigt loss) just by cooking it yourself because of all the added oils etc. you would avoid.

    7. Eat more fruits and vegetables

    I know, eew gross right? In general fruit and veggies has one of the highest satiety to calorie ratios of any food. So go after those juicy watermelons

    8. Avoid liquid calories

    This one is huge! I can't count how many people that I have guided that was drinking 25 % of their total calorie intake in "healthy" fruit juice, soda, energy drinks etc. A glass of juice once in a while doesn't harm any one - you just gotta be aware that it all adds up, an so does your total calorie intake by drinking your calories.

    9. replace old habbits with new healthier ones

    If you are used to going out every friday drinking with your buddies, try to encourage them to try new activities together. You could perhaps go and play paintball, go cart racing etc. once in a while instead!

    10. Don't quit!

    No matter what Instagram feeds you, we all fail - even your favorite fitness celebrity eats mcdonalds now and then. Don't sweat it. The worst thing you can do is tell yourself "Screw it I might aswell eat this box of cookies, a large pizza and a pint of ice cream for dessert, now that I had this one snickers" NO! eat the snickers, accept that you ate that snickers, and now get back on track.

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