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10 Ways to Lose Weight

I have lost 95 lbs and kept it off for 8 months so far.

    1. Eat less food. This is such a stupidity basic idea but people get stuck on what to eat: eat less.

    2. Intermittent fasting: eat only 1 or 2 meals a day

    3. Eliminate snacking

    4. Avoid the kitchen if you are working from home or at home

    5. Drink only or mostly zero calorie drinks and no sweeteners. Coffee, tea, water, sparkling water.

    6. Substitute: eat carrot chips or radish chips and salsa instead of corn chips and cheese sauce

    7. Make a meal out of soup by adding an egg and a box of frozen vegetables

    8. If you are hungry eat large quantities of low calorie foods: a pound of Broccoli with salsa is under 200 calories and it is a feast

    9. Track your food with an app. You will find the hidden gotchas: 4 cookies a day have the same calories as an entire pineapple.

    10. Use seasoning on plain vegetables. I like Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up salt and pepper and hot sauce.

    11. Get into walking. If you have to wait for a child or an oil change just start walking and when you are 30 mins out turn around

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