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10 Ways to Lose Weight

    1. 80-90% will be diet. Sorry

    I've been working out a lot the last few months and have gained body fat. Because I have eaten more....

    2. OMAD

    One meal a day. This is hard to do, especially if you have never fasted. I also did not exercise much. Only walked a lot. My stomach has never felt better. I ate a lot in that one meal. Plenty of time to digest. I also ate basically anything. Even fast food. Lost a lot of body fat. It's also cheaper.

    3. Eat 2 meals within 4-6 hours

    A lot easier than OMAD. You will have plenty of energy. Don't eat breakfast much anyway. Just coffee. Can exercise plenty.

    4. Calorie Count

    Used to use MyFitnessPal. It works. You are aware of what you are eating.

    5. Walk a lot

    I've seen numbers suggest that running doesn't really burn much more calories than walking. And it makes you hungrier. The more I walked, the more body fat I lost. Need to get back on this!

    6. Lift weights

    Only issue here is the more I lift, the more I want to eat. There are so many benefits to putting on muscle. You will feel stronger. Look better in clothes. Feel better. Just don't eat too much. Lift with proper form, so you will not injure.

    7. Slow Carb Diet

    Basically, it's low carb, with veggies, 6 days a week. 7th day you eat whatever. This worked well for me, just bored of the diet. I prefer OMAD due to less restrictive diet.

    8. Less Drinking

    Alcohol might help a bit if you are stressed, but it can mess with your sleep and recovery. Use in moderation.

    9. Cook at home

    It is usually cheaper if you have multiple people. It's usually healthier.

    10. Eat out, but split in 2

    In America, our portions are huge. Eat half, save half for another meal.

    11. Less dairy

    Not sure why. Even cream in my coffee hurts body fat loss.

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