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10 Ways To Lose Weight This Month (That Actually Work)

    1. Get more sleep so your body burns fat more efficiently. 7 to 8 hours or more a day. Or at least nap more.

    2. Quit foods that are designed to get you addicted. You will get withdrawal symptoms for a few weeks. But then, you'll feel better than you have in your whole life.

    3. Spend a few months living in a country where most people don't eat fast food and junk food.

    4. Get more physical activity. Every hour. Get a treadmill desk if you need to.

    5. Do some weight training. Everyday. Body weight. Not gym weights.

    6. Invest in crypto and NFTs that actually pay you to walk, jog or run.

    7. Surround yourself with slim, fit, sporty, athletic people. It's an uphill battle until you do.

    8. Make sure you're not constipated. If you are, then unplug the plumbing this week.

    9. Start small and slowly build up. It's hard to keep doing something if it's too hard.

    10. Get a personal trainer. Or maybe a dog that likes to run a lot.

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